Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Celebrate USA day!

The girls elementary school is celebrating the USA today in memory of 9/11.

They were given the freedom to dress up and of course, we went all out!

Lucy knew right away that she wanted to be a sailor. {I made the doll outfit a few days prior and she fell in love with it and wanted one to match} Ella had a bunch of other ideas, but I really wanted to use fabric that I had on hand and nothing in my stash went with any of her ideas. I finally talked her into the statue of liberty and I think she is pleased!

What do you think?

I don't think she could envision it, but she loves how it came out, as do I.

I used a thin, cotton shirting I bought from (for a steal.) It was the perfect mint color and will also be a super adorable dress when she's done with the costume. Score!

The pattern I used is the new Prairie Girl pattern by Ellie Inspired. It's a peasant dress with a button front and ruffle. I really had fun making this dress, because it's so different from the things I usually make.

I didn't have time to make the little pettiskirt, so Ella just wore a cotton skirt and tank top underneath today. I do plan to make a pettiskirt to go with it in the future... although it looks really cute how she wore it today.

For the little sash around her body, I just seamed some crushed velour into a kind of large infinity scarf.

The headpiece and torch are made by me out of some of those foam sheets, some mint paint, some glitter and some hot glue. Easy to do... and really... they make the costume.

Easy Peasy Statue of Liberty costume. The symbol of freedom and opportunity... and in my girls case.... independence.

I haven't taken any photos of the Prairie Girl dress sans costume, but I will... and then I'll give you some more details on that pattern, too.

Lucy had a very specific look and design in mind for her costume, thanks to Gennie Wren's Ships Ahoy Sailor Suit pattern for 18 inch dolls.

I made this for the girls a few days ago and Lucy absolutely fell in love with it... which, really.... was a little bit of a shock to me. I thought at the time, that I would like it a lot more than the girls.
I was wrong.

They both liked it, but Lulu took a real liking to it. Her baby has been dressed in nothing else for days.

The problem was finding a pattern like Gennie's in girls sizes... which I couldn't do. So, I am super-dee-duper proud of these garments.

Those pants are completely functional with a button front and those sleeves are completely drafted by me... and at about midnight last night, no less.

I did use a couple of patterns as a starting off point: The Henry/Henrietta pant by Browniegoose for the britches and The Seaside Sailor dress by The Tie Dye Diva for the top and collar.
The construction techniques were all thanks to the wonderful pattern by Gennie Wren. WOW! That woman can sew... and teach you to. That is like, a little couture garment for dolly. Very fun to put together! I've bought a few of her dolly patterns, but, sadly, this is the only one I've put to use. Not for long, though. I'll tell you that much. I do hope she will make her dolly patterns into full size girl patterns. That would save me a lot of time. :)

My sweetie is so happy and adorable in her little sailor suit. Her Grandaddy on my father's side was in the navy, as well as, my husbands Grandad, so this little outfit is super special.

And a great costume for USA day.
It has all the little, special details, like functioning pockets {lined with some adorable sea worthy fabric, I might add.}

Wide cuffs and cutesy pie star buttons!

A great collar with red and white saddle stitched trim.

And a cute hat. It was rummaged out of William's dress up box, since I didn't have time to make the sailor hat pattern I purchased. I was too tired.... but I love the look of this one better, I think, and it goes perfect with her little victory rolls.

I tried really hard to capture them on film, but didn't succeed too successfully. They really are adorable in person.
Can you tell she thought she was pretty awesome this morning?

I just love that look in their faces, when they feel so great in something I've made them. It makes my tired, up til 2 am, sewing brain all worth it.

God bless America... They are so cute.

Poor William hates being in Intermediate school. No more dressing up for my sweet boy.

And... just for fun, here's a picture taken this week of my nephew holding a picture of my Grandaddy.
How cute is he!?

{photo courtesy of Crystal Ingle Photography}

What a fun way for our school to make fun such a somber day. 
Squeeze those babies extra hard!


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