Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lovie Tutorial

Okay! You guys asked for it and here it is!... finally. I know it's taken forever. I've just been so busy with other things.

Lovie: a lovie is a small item or blanket that baby can hold onto for comfort. It should be fun to look at, soft to hold, and completely safe for baby to chew on.There is no specific dimensions for a lovie. They can be any size {and any shape for that matter}, and can be made from a variety of fabrics.

The ones I made are combinations of flannels, minky, fleece, knit and satin.
I just used a bunch of scraps from other projects.
Like shown here- a random piece of minky that I made a jon jon out of.
Just cut it into a square- rectangle- whatever.

Here's what I did with my rotary cutter.

This piece measured 13 X 13 inches. A good size.

Cut another piece of fabric the same size. I used flannel leftover from some of my big brother's pajama pants.

Yes. He wears sock monkeys... and he's like 6 foot 4 or something.

Pin them together (generously if you're using minky) right sides together and stitch around the whole thing-

leaving an opening for turning.

I never sew on minky without this:

A walking foot that came with my machine. It's a lifesaver when you're sewing with minky. I love mine.

Trim the corner like this and turn the lovie inside out, pushing out the corners.
My Mom would die~ but I don't finish the edges.

Turn in the seam allowance and pin the area that was open for turning.

Now stitch it closed by hand, or topstitch around the whole blanket (which is what I do)

All done.
Soo cute and soft and great stash busting!

But wait...
there's many more ways to make these.

You can make a self binding which is REALLY cute and fun to make.
I make big baby blankets like this a lot.

Start with your inside piece. This one is cut 9X9- it's a fleece remnant.
Then cut another piece 2 inches wider- which will be one inch on each side.
My outside piece is flannel and cut 11X11.
Lay them wrong sides together making sure there is an even allowance on each side.

Starting at one corner fold the outside fabric towards the inside fabric, matching corners... does that make any sense??
ugh... just look at the picture. Do that.

Then fold it again and pin in place. The pin is where your mitered corner will be.

Fold in the seam allowance on both sides, like so. Pin if you want to. I usually don't, but do for the photos.

When you fold the seam allowance up one more time, encasing the raw edge, you will create a beautiful miter.

Perfect every time and so easy.
Try it... it's fun and really cute on baby blankets.

Continue pinning up the seam allowance on all corners and sides.

Then just stitch it down. You can do a straight stitch or a zig zag or let your six year old do it....
it's that easy.

She set her sewing table up herself... and stole my new thread bag.....

Little monkey.
She loves sewing, though.
Check out her handy work.

She did pretty good, huh?!

Then she got tired and didn't do so hot....
but I'm still gonna keep her.
I don't think the kids in Nicaragua will mind if the stitching is off a little.

You can also make lovies with old t-shirts.
This is especially great if you're using shirts that smell like Mom or Dad.... and you're giving them to your baby, of course.
Someone else's baby might not want a lovie that smells like me...
They might, though.  I smell pretty darn good.

These lovies smell like William and my nephew Jacob.
They both smell awesome, so I'm sure the kids will love em.

These are EASY... just put them together wrong sides touching and serge around the edges.

Soft, comfy, fun to look at, easy to wash and these even have some texture because they're embroidered.

Get fancy if you want and bind them with some other t-shirt fabric and add an applique.
I did the binding, but the applique was easy enough for Boo's to do.

She had fun helping me make the lovies.

I love how bright and cheerful this one is.
Look at Ella's little heart.

Oh... and speaking of binding... bind them if you want, with bias tape or blanket binding.
Soooo fun.  Babies love silky stuff, so blanket binding is awesome.

I just serged the flannel and minky wrong sides together and then bound the edges in the blanket binding.

Super cute, right?!

Or... if you only have small scraps to work with... make them small.
We made some smaller than a washcloth. Baby will still love to hold it and suck on it.

Or piece your fabrics to make them larger. This one is made with t-shirt, flannel and minky. It's so soft!

Cute, right?!

You can also fancy them up with appliques and trim and ribbon loops.
You can put batting in the middle or a layer of fleece for bulkier lovies.
They are so fun to make. They're great for babies. They're great stash busters.

And mostly, they are really needed for the kids in Nicaragua. So make some and send them to my cousin!
They have to be to her by the end of May. Email me if you need the address.

The kids and I are going to make some little toys and send those, too.
Hopefully tomorrow.


Bolo heads said...

When my niece was here I made her ones with ribbon tabs on them. SHe loves tags, and will find the tag on anything to calm her down, clothes, pillow, blankets.
My brother called them crack rags because it was like giving a druggie crack.
Thank you for your kind words yesterday, you are going to love what I am doing for her baptism.

BConky said...

Tell Ella Gramndma is so proud of her helping other kids that aren't as lucky as she is. They look great Nicole.